a pirates life for me

I'm Riker. I sing and slappada bass in R5! Or you may know me as Jeff the Warbler from Glee.

Tb to the Heart Made Up On You video shoot πŸ˜†
Loading 😎
🎢 a double shot! 😜 #thingsarelookingup
Dad just sent me this from Montenegro! So cool
What did I just find on @rockyr5’s shelf? #thebananaposition?
You @HollywoodRecs are the bomb! #AwesomeMixVol1
You @HollywoodRecords are the bomb! #AweomeMixVol1
Day 1 of rehearsals means new songs! πŸ˜†
@ratliffr5 and I saw this pretty cool band at Office Depot today 😏
#HeartMadeUpOnYou video with my #neon @drstrings and @Fenderguitar P-bass! 
Watch: http://youtube.com/R5VEVO