a pirates life for me

I'm Riker. I sing and slappada bass in R5! Or you may know me as Jeff the Warbler from Glee.

Picture from Calgary 😝 #louderworldtour2014
Stage bomb selfie with the bday boy and @rockyR5! #letmetakeaselfie #ookillem @rylandr5
This is counting as my shoe selfie for tonight. Backstage in Vancouver 😜 #louderworldtour2014
Vancouver rain
Backstage in Edmonton. Piano in the dressing room! Is that a cow on the wall? (at Jubilee Auditorium)


This is a band named Yellow Ostrich 

…Yes yellow Yellow Ostrich. Ross showed me this song in Spain and i liked it from the first time i heard it.. 

heres the video

Ratliff is on tumblr now! Be sure to follow him. He’s always on the look out for new music and he’s bringing it all to you. Cool stuff. Also he just turned 21!!! So give him some bday love.

My POV for tonight. 😎  (at Jubilee Auditorium)
Backstage in Saskatoon! #louderworldtour2014  (at Odeon Event Centre)